BIC Coalition

In response to the devastating impact of the Maui fires, five Big Island chefs have teamed up to lead the organization and coordination of the Big Island culinary community to support those affected.

Big Island Chef Coalition (BIC Coalition) is working with countless volunteers to support Chef Hui in providing meals as part of their Maui relief. We support this by preparing fresh meals that we freeze and ship to our partners at the Chef Hui Maui Food Hub for distribution.

Through the Chef Hui Maui Food Hub, thousands of meals have been provided to #feedthepeopleofmaui.

The BIC Coalition recognizes that these efforts are not just a sprint, but a long-distance marathon. Utilizing our skills, networks, and resources to provide aid through nourishment for the months ahead is our kuleana. Through our work, we can we can support the Chef Hui Maui Food Hub by not only increasing the number of meals provided, but also preparing for long-term sustainability and stability for Maui. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Blue Ocean Mariculture. If you are interested in donating products to sustain our food prep operations,  email us at

Maui Fire Relief